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Discover the fascinating world of tango from the ground up!

Our introductory course introduces you to the passionate rhythms and elegant movements of this emblematic Argentine dance. We will passionately and patiently guide you through the first steps, hugs and turns. Immerse yourself in an intimate connection with yourself and others as you discover the unique language of tango.

Technik Training

What BENEFITS does tango offer me?

Fun, body awareness, connection to yourself and others, enjoyment, musicality, and prevention of all age-related diseases. 

Do I need previous knowledge?

You don't need any previous knowledge, just come along!

Do I need a partner?

You can come with or without a partner. We welcome singles and couples, and in cases where things don't work out, we offer experienced jumpersr.

Do I need dancing shoes or certain clothing?

You don't need any special dance shoes or clothes to get started.


Mondays | 6-8 p.m

Mondays | 6-8 p.m

Pasinger FabrikStudio 1 Souterrain

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