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Martha Giorgi

founder & teacher 

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Martha Giorgi practically absorbed tango with her mother's milk. Although her mother was a pianist and her father was a "tanguero" of the old school, it took some time for Martha to discover tango.

Training as a professional dancer at the national dance academy in BsAs formed the basis of her intensive study of tango.



With over thirty years of experience in the tango world, she has danced and taught in Lima, Costa Rica, Italy, Prague, Vienna, Saigon, Shanghai, Goa, New Delhi, Buenos Aires and Munich.

She co-founded the tango scene in Vienna in 1987 and therefore has a very long-studied and experienced teaching style. 

She has also made a name for herself as a show dancer.

Martha Giorgi is in constant contact with the tango greats in Buenos Aires and tracks down the latest trends and movements.


At Tango Connection you learn to dance the way tango is danced in the milongas of Buenos Aires: good posture, fluid walking, simple yet appealing, imaginative steps and a sense of rhythm. The lessons take place in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.


Martha founded the Tango Connection Escuela in Munich in 2000. Martha lives in Munich and Buenos Aires and works on several projects worldwide.

Martha Giorgi & Daniel Arroyo Miranda - Pobre Buzon
You Tango

Martha Giorgi & Daniel Arroyo Miranda - Pobre Buzon