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Private lessons

Sometimes it's good to take a little time for yourself and have the teachers' attention only on you. Because in group lessons, the individual work is not quite as precise as in 1 on 1. We try to pay attention to the physique and capacities of each individual person and work on them accordingly. Dialogue is also important to us when it comes to personal concerns in tango, as well as history, habits and “rules”.

Why should I take private lessons?

If you feel there are things that limit you physically, if you don't understand something exactly, if you want to learn something about musicality, if you want to work on the connection with your partner, if you want to gain more control in heels , if you need a place for yourself to connect with your body, private lessons are calling you!

Can I also come with my partner?

You can also take private lessons with your partner and are very enriching for the connection. 


With Martha

Mondays 6-8 p.m


Pack x 3


Pack x 10


With Natasha

Mondays 6-8 p.m


Pack x 4


Pasinger FabrikStudio 1 Souterrain


Thank you!

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