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Tango Connection

Tango Technique Training

In Tango Technique Training, the focus is on the elements that technique offers us. We start with a warm-up for the whole body, then we work individually on technique exercises in order to then pack what we have learned into step sequences. 

Dienstags | 20.30 - 22.30 Uhr

Why should I take part in the TTT?

Tango technique training is for those who want to become more independent, free and controlled in their dance. It helps to understand the movements, to internalize the connections in the body and thus increase the quality.

What can I expect in the TTT?

In any case, somewhat more demanding technical exercises, 2 hours of full concentration (always fun) and a laboratory atmosphere where we exchange ideas and share the processes with each other.

What are the advantages of TTT?

To develop my style, I need as much knowledge as possible. About technology, music and their history, as well as about working with my partner. TTT gives you freedom!


Tuesdays | 8:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m


Trial lesson


Pasinger FabrikStudio 1 Souterrain

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